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Sewer line problems are unpleasant and extremely stressful. You can count on the skilled plumbers at 1st Class Plumbing LLC for fast sewer line repair and replacement in Plano, TX, McKinney, and surrounding areas. Our highly trained, skilled, and hardworking sewer repair team has decades of experience solving sewer line problems. We utilize advanced tools to fix your problem quickly and efficiently. 

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Effective Solutions For Sewer Line Problems 

Your main sewer line runs underground from your house to the street where it meets the municipal sewer system. The main sewer line plays an essential role in maintaining clean and sanitary conditions by carrying away wastewater from all your drains. Like any plumbing or drainpipe, the sewer line can be damaged or corrode over the years. Unlike other drainpipes, problems can be more challenging to detect since the entire pipe is buried in the ground. 

Contact us right away if you have any of these signs: 

  • Backflow in your drains 
  • Slow drains throughout the house 
  • Standing water in multiple drains 
  • A sewage odor
  • Frequent clogs 
  • Unusual noises coming from the drains 
  • Wet or lush patches on the lawn above the sewer line 

The most common cause of sewer line damage is normal wear and tear. Other causes include corrosion, improper installation, and tree root intrusion into the line. Routine inspections and maintenance can avoid a sudden and unexpected failure. Regardless of the cause of the trouble, do not hesitate to deal with a sewer line problem. 

The first step is to identify the cause of the problem, so you can consider the options for sewer line repair and replacement in Plano, TX. Sewer camera inspection is used to identify the problem with your sewer line, such as a break in the line, clogs, tree roots growing into the pipe, or a collapsed sewer line. The tiny camera is put down inside the sewer line and provides the technician with a clear image of the inside of the pipe to find problems anywhere in the pipe. 

Based on the results of the sewer camera inspection, our plumbers can determine the most efficient and cost-effective methods for restoring the line. This may involve removing a clog, repairing the line, or sewer line replacement. Many sewer problems can be solved with a repair, but a collapsed line will generally need to be replaced. 

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Call For a Sewer Line Inspection 

If you have noticed signs of a sewer problem, call for an inspection of your sewer line. Our technicians can provide an inspection to locate the cause of the problem. We will explain the problem and offer realistic options for sewer line repair and replacement in Plano, TX. We are happy to answer any questions and provide a free estimate for the work that is needed. 

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