Sewer Camera Inspection in Plano, TX

Accurately Diagnosing Sewer Line Problems in McKinney & Surrounding Areas

Whether you need a sewer line inspection for a real estate purchase or to identify a problem, 1st Class Plumbing LLC can help. We offer in depth sewer camera inspection in Plano, TX, McKinney, and surrounding areas utilizing advanced, high-quality equipment. Our plumbers can walk you through the process and provide detailed information about the condition of your sewer pipe. 

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Get a Look Inside Underground Pipes 

The main sewer line that runs under your house and lawn is responsible for carrying away the wastewater from all your drains. Knowing the condition of your sewer line is important for home maintenance and solving problems. Plumbing cameras, used for diagnosing sewer line issues, are incredibly valuable to plumbing technicians. Our skilled Plano plumbing technicians use these sewer cameras to clearly determine a course of action. 

Sewer camera inspection can detect: 

  • Clogs 
  • Tree roots growing into the line 
  • Broken or cracked pipes 
  • A collapsed sewer line 
  • The type and condition of pipe materials 

The sewer camera is a small camera that is connected to a flexible cable. As the camera moves through the pipe, our plumbers can view the image and evaluate the condition of your pipe. This can be used to pinpoint the exact spot where a pipe is damaged or just provide an overall assessment of the condition of the main sewer line. 

Homeowners often request a sewer line inspection when: 

  • Dealing with recurring drain problems – If you have slow drains throughout the house, water backing up in sinks and tubs, or clogs in more than one drain, the problem is most likely in the main sewer line. 
  • Buying a home – A plumbing inspection provides important information about the home you are planning to purchase. A sewer camera inspection is a noninvasive method of evaluating the condition of the main sewer line. 
  • Planning a home renovation – When you are remodeling or building an addition, it is important to know the condition of the sewer pipe. A camera inspection can ensure that the pipe is able to accommodate any additional flow.
  • Taking a proactive approach to maintenance – If you live in an older home or your sewer line has never been inspected, scheduling a sewer camera inspection can provide valuable information. You can detect possible problems before your sewer line fails. 

The results of your sewer camera inspection provide the information you need to make important decisions. If you are thinking of buying a home, the condition of the sewer line may influence your decision or at least allow you to prepare for a possible repair in the future. When you have a problem now, the inspection can inform decision making about sewer line repair or replacement. 

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A proper diagnosis is essential for making important decisions about buying a home or repairing your sewer line. Our experienced plumbers use state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate the condition of your main sewer line and find the exact spot where the pipe is clogged or damaged. 

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