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Relax, We’ve Got This.

When we look in the mirror at the end of the day, we can honestly say we did everything we could to make our customers’ lives a little more comfortable, convenient, and perhaps even a tad safer.  And you know what they say about mirrors…they never lie.

companyAt the same time, working at being the best you can be takes a lot out of you.  That’s because it’s always harder to go the extra mile than it is to take shortcuts.  It also takes more time to tell a customer about their various options vs. recommending a single problem-solving solution.  But we happen to think you’re worth the extra time and effort.

1st Class Plumbing is owned and operated by Dustin and Alice Denham.  Before starting their own company in 2006, Dustin trained and worked with some of the premier plumbing companies in the DFW area.  He learned early on the value of putting customer interests first, and how your reputation is only as good as your most recent service call.  That’s why we work hard to treat every job and every customer as if they were the only one that mattered.

Is that the kind of plumbing service you’re accustomed to?  If not, then maybe it’s time for a change.  Are we a little biased regarding who you might choose instead?  Of course we are, but we don’t ask for your business lightly.  We ask because we’re prepared to give you a great deal in return for your trust and confidence.  And that goes for every single time we’re fortunate enough to serve you.

1st Class Plumbing.  Relax, we’ve got this.

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