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What Do You Say to a Plumbing Company that
Started in 1998?

How about:  “Nice to find someone with that much experience!”  In fact, that’s what more and more home owners say the very first time they call us for yes.  After that, it’s more like:  “You did such a good job last time, we have another home plumbing job for you.”  And comments like that, dear friends in McKinney and other local communities, is music to our ears.

Plumbing Service, Repairs & New Installations

If you had us in your home right now, what’s the first plumbing task you’d want tackled?  That’s hard to answer, right?  First of all, your brain is quickly trying to catalog everything in your home that involves plumbing.  And even if you get an A+ on list development, are you really sure which if any of your plumbing needs some work, and what’s okay as is?  Probably not.  Well, that’s just one of several reasons we recommend an annual plumbing performance and safety inspection. Read More >>

Water Heater Service, Repairs & New Installations

The water heater landscape changed forever in 2015.  Now, more than ever, you need an experienced plumbing company to help guide you to making the right purchase for your home and budget.  That’s exactly what you get when you choose 1st Class Plumbing:  for ongoing water maintenance, repairs, plus high quality system design and installation. Read More >>

Drain Cleaning & Related Services

Sewer and drain problems are high on the list of reasons why our customers call us for prompt and dependable service.  First, they know that’s exactly what they’re going to get.  Secondly, they know just how extensive our range of sewer and drain services really is…extensive enough to tackle any size job, no matter the degree of difficulty.  We’d like to offer you that same high level of assurance.

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